Captain Doorknob is on a mission. He has learned that there is a treasure to be found and he wants it! All he knows is the treasure has something to do with water and that it is protected by Neptune, who lives in the sea. Hoping that the treasure will make him rich, Captain Doorknob enlists the help of a rag-tag group of sea creatures to help him find it.

First he rounds up Crabby Malone, the crab that drives a cab. Crabby is an expert in all things that have to do with water and the Captain hopes he will be of some help. Crabby tells him that water is very important to humans and to animals. We all need fresh water to survive! What’s more, people waste water all the time. Crabby tells the Captain that we can save water easily by following a few simple rules. The Captain thanks the Crab for his help and sets off for the treasure.

Next Captain Doorknob meets Toni the Flipper. Toni is a dolphin who used to be the Captain’s arch nemesis, but now they work together... most of the time. Toni tells the Captain that although he is not sure exactly where the treasure is, he knows that if water is involved, it’s important to take care of it. We need to conserve water so we all have fresh, clean water to drink, bathe and wash things. He gives the Captain some helpful tips on how to do this. Then the Captain sets off.

Finally the Captain comes to the lair of Neptune. Neptune makes a fearsome appearance and asks the Captain why he is here. The Captain says he is in search of the treasure. Neptune quizzes the Captain on what he has learned about water. The Captain tells him everything he knows, with the help of the audience of course. Then Neptune tells the Captain that the treasure is actually water itself. Water is so valuable to all of us; we literally could not live with out it. The Captain agrees and though he is disappointed there was no gold, he is happy he knows a lot about water.
Educational Content:
  The uses of water
  The importance of water
  Ways water gets polluted
  Ways to conserve water

The Water Pirates of Neverland: Ocean's 3.5 teaches the importance of water conservation and pollution prevention through a fun experience.

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The Water Pirates of Neverland: Ocean's 3 1/2
Water Conservation and Pollution Prevention


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